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Carbon Steel

I use 1084 and 52100 steel on the knives. Both are high quality, high carbon cutlery steels. These steels can take a very sharp edge and are relatively easy to keep sharp. Care must be taken when using carbon steel as it can be damaged by misuse. Some discoloration and patina will happen, but it's a good thing! Patina can add a lot of character and will help protect your knife. 

Carbon steels can rust or pit if left wet. Best practice is to make sure the knives are clean and dry when you finish using them.

For more information please visit the Knife Care page!

Handle Material

I use a wide variety of materials for my knife handles from simple wood handles to combinations of synthetic materials with wood and metal. All of the handle material is stabilized when necessary. Do you have a unique look or vision you're going for? Just ask, and we can make it happen!

Sam Goldbroch Sharp Co. is proud to be a local maker in Evanston, IL.

I'd love to collaborate with you on a knife or set of knives, especially made for you. Please reach out to get the conversation started.

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52100 Blade with Ancient Bog Oak and Carbon Fiber

1084 in Ironwood and Ebony

Lazy Twist Damascus with Dogwood Burl, Meteorite, and Spalted Chestnut