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The Kid's Knife

The Kid’s Knife

I believe getting kids interested in cooking is a worthwhile endeavor!  The Kid’s Knife is meant to be the first step towards that goal. 

The kid’s Knife is designed so that your child must put their fingers in specific places on the knife.  This encourages the “pinch grip” which leads to safer and more efficient knife usage as your child learns knife skills.  The Kid’s Knife is meant to instill the most basic skills, like the placement of their fingers and which edge is the cutting edge. 

A few important things to keep in mind:

This is not a toy!  It is not intended to be used outside of the kitchen. 

The Kid’s Knife must be used with adult supervision at all times!

The Kid’s Knife is not meant to cut everything.  Examples of ideal foods to cut include cooked vegetables, sandwiches, soft fruits like bananas, etc.

It’s a great idea to watch some basic knife skills videos or take a class. The more educated you are about knife skills, the better you will be at coaching your child.

Avoid giving this as a gift if possible, especially around the holidays when other children are opening gifts. This might give the impression that it is a toy.

Kid’s Knife Care

Keep the Kid’s Knife out of the dishwasher!  Dishwashers can damage the blade or warp the knife.  Wash with soap and water after use, and then dry.

Once every 4-6 weeks, oil your Kid’s Knife blade with mineral oil or another food safe oil.

These knives can be “sharpened” with 220 grit sandpaper when necessary.


Cooking with your kids is fun and a great way to spend time together! Be safe, and have fun!